Black Nebula EP

by Matthias Springer



The labelhead is back on track, dark and deep! Heiko Goebel:
"to dark for me sorry"
"Welcome to Space" (will play)
Jamie Kidd (Thoughtless Music, BYC Music):
"quality dubs. especially bok globule." (will play)
Acoustic Resource ():
"Very Nice Ep" (will chart)
OpenLab Radio (Salt Records):
"will support Bok Globule on OpenLab Afternoon." (will play)
Oscar Aullon (Diametral Records):
"Allways Impressive !! Oscar Aullon aka The man out of shadow" (will chart) (will play)
"cool EP, thx :)" (will play)
Forest People (Nachtstrom Schallplatten / Driving Forces):
Re-UP (UponYou, Dissonant, Kina Music):
"thanks :)"
Vazik (Sounds of Earth / Flash Recordings):
"Loving the down tempo tunes, thanks" (will play)
Jonzz ():
"nice!, I prefer black hole"
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records, Subtrak, Like-Button):
"very nebula like. this is gonna come in handy. thanks. " (will play)
Gabriel Le Mar:
"great dubtech and deeply pushing 4ward!" (will play)
Al Bradley (3am Recordings/i! Records/Bulletdodge Records/Paper Recordings/Deep Site etc)):
"Very cool stuff; really digging the slower groove on Bok Globule, wicked EP all round :)" (will play)
Frank c (Kolour records, Fever sound, Musique Unique, Popart , Panta records ,Back ):
"Dark nebula !" (will play) ():
"very good release! will play on west radio! thanks" (will play)
Shi Buka / Phik Sy ():
"first track" (will play)
Lyn Stanford ():
"Other-Worldly" (will play)
Tsugi mag:
"black hole for me"
Marco Carola:
"downloaded for marco carola, thanks" (will play)
XEED ():
"tough ep! dark nebula is my favourite, very nice soundscapes and a very powerful chord!"
Bruno Dietel ():
"love black hole! will play on radio fritz remix nightflight!" (will play)
Lars Leonhard (BineMusic / Diametral / NASA / Ultimae):
"Great work !!! THX for dl. " (will chart) (will play)
Orde Meikle (Slam) (Soma):
"will try out thanx " (will play)
"Interesting tracks! Downloading for Thx" (will play)
Shebuzzz (DimbiDeep Music):
"It's amazing EP. A specially the generel track is "Dark Nebula". SUPERB!!!"
Kareem Gokem (Dubmission Radioshow):
"It's almost that I'm programmed to like whatever MS puts out there though I'm always sure to give them a proper listen & when you do you don't end up regretting it, he sure knows how to build a track & even an ep for that matter if the track order is laid out in particular. great stuff." (will play)
Luis Nieva (Area Sur Records ):
"i will play thanks" (will play)
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM):
Allan Blomquist (Logism):
"great stuff again, its listening time!"
If I Had a Hifi ():
"Great ep all round but like the deep sounds & big beats of "Dark Nebula" best." (will play)
Du Sant (Krad Records/Musickollektiv/Lethal Script/Plunk!):
"dark nebula for me, thanks!" (will play)
Ferry Corsten:
"Thanks for sending, if Ferry support we'll let you know!"
Anderson Noise ():
Niki Belucci:
"nice release, thanks" (will play)
James Johnson (Re(Form) Panel Trax, Absoloop, 6ONE6, Dosed,C24,Home Recordings, Orange 82, Concerns Music,METROPLEX,DITEKT):
"Beautiful work!" (will play)
Mild Bang (XOOD, Loco, Thoughtless):
"amazing deep stuff!! " (will play)
Bedoy (loveOn,Happy Days, Central Dogma, jet alone, lw recording ):
"Nice Dark Material Bros :)" (will chart) (will play)
Chris Woods ():
"Matthias Springer : Dark Nebula is the one for me" (will play)
Martin McGuire (Bullet:Dodge, 4House Digital, Endemic Digital):
"Dark Nebula by Matthias Springer is the one for me. Right up my street!!!" (will play)
Peter Miese ():
"mega!!! alle drei" (will play)
Matt K (Overdrive):
"sehr sehr geil!!!!" (will play)
Electric Indigo:
"black hole is great - interesting sound scapes and atmosphere!" (will play)
Salah Sadeq (alola, sexonwax, techfui):
"great ep. nice variation of tracks" (will play)
Richie Hawtin (M-nus):
"downloaded for r hawtin"
"very nice work. dark nebula" (will chart) (will play)
Kostas White ():
"Dark Nebula here,excellent work thanks for the music!!" (will play)
Csaba ():
"like" (will play)
Marky ():
"thx.. dark nebula is nice" (will play)
Mark J (Radioactivity Productions):
"all over dark nebula!" (will play)
Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral):
"all the 3 tracks are good, "Black Hole" is my favorite. thanks for sending!"
Guido Nemola:
"good tracks" (will play)
Misk ():
"playlist in altroverso radio" (will play)
Thomas Weser (Diametral | Rotraum Music):
"Top!!!" (will chart) (will play)
My Evil Twiin:
"will try out dark Nebula"
DJ Samer (Spundae, Pangea, Stellar Fountain, Rezongar, frisky, Smart Phenomena....):
"Bok Globule is nice."
Dave Stuart ():
"" (will play)
DJ Anya (DimbiDeep, MLP):
"Dark Nebula is my fav" (will play)
Michael Sowbug:
"Black Hole is nice!"
Luca Doobie ():
Dima Plastic ():
"nice dub sound" (will play)
Nvelope (Eintakt , Diametral , Dreiton):
"great stuff as always" (will play)
The Zone Records Radioshow:
"thanks! download for The-Zone Fm Radio show support" (will play)
Massimo Graszk (Definition of Techno ---- Primate ------Compressed -----):
"Great Work!!!Thanks" (will play)



released May 22, 2014

W&P by Matthias Falkenstein
Artwork licensed via


all rights reserved



DimbiDeep Music Munich, Germany

DimbiDeep Music is the Imprint of Dimbidub born in 2010 and related to the real dub techno or dubtronica, which consists of electronic beats played in a downbeat manner. It can be much lower in speed than techno and is generally warmer than dance-oriented electronica. The labels sound is repetitive but rewards careful listener attention. ... more

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